the sun rises again and again, giving you new days to choose to cope, and to cope well.
— Kala MacDonald, Yoga to cope

welcome to yoga to cope. this nonprofit organization was born out of two very substantial, unexpected tragedies, as well as all of the smaller ones before, between, and after. trauma, grief, loss, depression — these heavy things affect people, so many people, in different ways, at different paces, and to different ends. that is something i know to be true. i also know that yoga-based resources — intended to include movement, meditation, mindfulness, nutrition, non-traditional wellness practices, and more — carried me through these traumas and ultimately made me who i am today: a happy, healthy, positive, hopeful human being who decides to look for the best in everything everyday despite living through some very dark seasons of life, despite pain, despite great, hectic, overwhelming loss.

please use everything offered here at yoga to cope to guide you during your own coping and wellness journey. furthermore, if you’re healthy and happy now, what a lovely time to begin the work to become an even better you. if you are living in a dark season, please know that you aren’t alone. the sun rises again and again, giving you new days to choose to cope, and to cope well. choose to nourish the best parts of you even in these dark times. choose to heal even if that seems out of reach. choose happiness even if you are absolutely sad today. wellness is a practice, yoga is a practice, life is a practice. never perfected, and always in progress. baby steps forward are still moving you forward. take steps today, and use the resources available here to aid you on your coping journey.

-Kala MacDonald, Founder and President of Yoga to Cope


Our Mission:

Yoga to Cope is a nonprofit organization aiming to provide completely free, online, yoga-based resources for people coping with trauma, pre-trauma, grief, depression, and the like.

Information for Donors:

As a nonprofit organization, we operate entirely from donated contributions. Your generous support will enable us to keep producing and sharing the valuable yoga-based resources we believe can support many, many people as they navigate dark seasons of life. The general upkeep, ongoing content creation, marketing efforts, monthly hosting fees, and so much more add up — thank you for supporting this organization and the work we do.

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Privacy Policy:

The The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) recognizes Yoga to Cope as a Section 501(c)(3) public charity. Your contribution may be eligible as a tax deduction in the U.S.A.. Please consult your tax advisor for eligibility. No goods or services are offered or provided in exchange for your contribution. Thank You.


Current Board Members:


Founder & President

Kala lost both of her younger brothers, one to homicide and one to suicide, by the time she was 26. During these times of grief she dove deeply into a yoga practice that carried her through these unimaginable losses, among other things. After nannying full-time for 6 years after college, she transitioned into a yoga career and is now a 500* hr. RYT (Zuna Yoga) specializing in Foundational Tantric Hatha Yoga. When Kala isn’t working to grow Yoga to Cope you can find her teaching privately in Los Angeles, and at retreats around the world.


Vice President

Lauren is an expert at networking and an entrepreneurial business owner based in New York and Connecticut. She is currently leading her team at Bingley Design, a company she built from the ground up into a multi-employee business. She and her team serve as the off-site digital and brand consultants for small to mid-size businesses around the world.



Michelle is a San Francisco-based 200 hr. RYT and UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism alumna. When she’s not writing for outlets including Yoga Journal, O: The Oprah Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar, Teen Vogue, Seventeen, and more, she can be found trying an array of fitness classes ranging from yoga and Pilates to cycling and dance. You can check out her work at



Zack is a published photographer, frequent world traveler, and long-time Road Manager/personal assistant based in Los Angeles, CA.



Sarah is a frequent world traveler with a knack for design and styling. She is a trained esthetician and regularly enjoys doing pilates and weight training. Sarah is currently living in Los Angeles, CA.

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Elise is a 200 hr. RYT, with additional training in a variety of joint mobility and movement techniques, living and working out of San Diego, CA. She is also creator of Illuminate Movement where she teaches her clients how to rectify chronic back pain, tight hips, and dissolve mental and emotional stress.