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guided breath meditations

While the handstands and trick poses and extremely deep backbends are shining in the spotlight of the minds of many when the word “yoga” comes to mind, the breath is there, waiting to be focused on, waiting to be explored. It is the foundation of your yoga practice, it is a practice in and of itself, and it can change your life, starting today. A physical asana practice can be a beautiful way to move and direct energy throughout your body, but let the breath be your home base, the place you can always go, an autonomic part of life that becomes under your conscious control.

Benefits of meditation can include:

  • Reduced anxiety and stress
  • Improved sleep
  • Prevention of premature aging
  • Lengthened attention span, improved memory
  • Increased self-awareness
  • Improved cognitive and learning ability
  • Lower blood pressure and heart rate
  • and much, much more!

Please enjoy these guided breath meditations as you begin your yoga practice and overall wellness journey. It has been said that one minute of focused, guided breath meditation can create positive physical, chemical, emotional, and mental change in the mind and body for up to an hour. Created to be short and sweet, or deep and lengthy, there is a practice here to meet you where you are right now. If you’re feeling unsure or are new to meditation, know that one minute of a meditation practice is better than none. Be kind with yourself, meet yourself where you’re at, and build only as you’re able.

Yoga Nidra

Meet your new best friend. Think of Yoga Nidra, aka “yogic sleep”, as a nap for your body and mind while you remain completely conscious of the voice guiding you through. This practice is deeply relaxing, as it has the ability to take practitioners into non-REM, delta brain wave sleep, aka the deep sleep that is extremely restorative and nourishing. Yoga Nidra practices are best done lying down in a supported and comfortable position, i.e. with the back of the head and under the knees supported by cushions or rolled up towels/throw blankets is a favorite.
  • Yoga to Cope - Yoga Nidra - Deep Relaxation(11:10)

Pelvic Breath - Tutorials + Meditations

  • Yoga to Cope - 5 Min Pelvic Breath(04:51)
  • Yoga to Cope - Rooting - Pelvic Breath(07:46)
  • Yoga to Cope - Expanding - Pelvic Breath(09:29)

Breath as Light Meditations

  • Yoga to Cope - 13 Min Cocoon Of Light Meditation(12:56)

Rolling OMs

Om, or AUM, is said to be the sound of the entire universe. The frequency of all that we are, and all that is. The vibration created when you chant the 4-parts of OM, consisting of AH-OH-MM-and the silence that follows, immediately stimulates the Vagus nerve and initiates a calming sensation throughout the body, mind, and beyond. As you listen to our Rolling OM tracks, feel free to simply listen and absorb, or to join in with your own sound of OM.
May we suggest the “Cicadas at Nighttime” to help you find rest, or the Rainstorm and Ocean tracks to feel connected to nature?
  • Yoga to Cope - 4 Min Rolling OM - Ocean's Tide(04:00)
  • Yoga to Cope - 5 Min Rolling OM - Cicadas At Nighttime(05:09)
  • Yoga to Cope - 5 Min Rolling OM - 432hz Soundscape(05:09)
  • Yoga to Cope - 9 Min Rolling OM - End of a Summer Rainstorm(08:32)

Candy Cane Breath

  • Yoga to Cope - 1 Min Candy Cane(01:01)
  • Yoga to Cope - 3 Min Candy Cane(03:01)
  • Yoga to Cope - 5 Min Candy Cane(05:01)
  • Yoga to Cope - 7 Min Candy Cane(07:00)
  • Yoga to Cope - 10 Min Candy Cane(10:01)
  • Yoga to Cope - 16 Min Candy Cane(16:01)

Breathe and Know You're Breathing

  • Yoga to Cope - 1 Min Breathe And Know(01:02)
  • Yoga to Cope - 3 Min Breathe And Know(02:58)
  • Yoga to Cope - 5 Min Breathe And Know(05:00)
  • Yoga to Cope - 7 Min Breathe And Know(07:00)
  • Yoga to Cope - 10 Min Breathe And Know(10:01)
  • Yoga to Cope - 16 Min Breathe And Know(16:01)

Color Visualizations

  • Yoga to Cope - Orange Heart Center Meditation - Share Your Light and Energy(09:56)

One-to-One Breath

  • Yoga to Cope - 1 Min OTO(01:01)
  • Yoga to Cope - 3 Min OTO(03:01)
  • Yoga to Cope - 5 Min OTO(05:00)
  • Yoga to Cope - 7 Min OTO(07:00)
  • Yoga to Cope - 10 Min OTO(10:01)
  • Yoga to Cope - 16 Min OTO(16:01)

5 Minute Breath Breaks

  • Yoga to Cope - 1:2 Breath(05:00)
  • Yoga to Cope - Along the Spine(05:00)
  • Yoga to Cope - Nostril Awareness(05:00)

Body Scans

  • Yoga to Cope - 6 Min Body Scan(06:05)