Yoga to Cope: The Podcast

Welcome to this exciting extension of the organization!

Here, we will have conversations with non-traditional wellness professionals and storytellers alike as they share their experiences with trauma, pre-trauma, grief, depression, and the like. Our hope is that these conversations offer you bits of wisdom you can use in your daily life, new perspectives on wellness, and a feeling of connectedness - especially if you’re going through something tough. If you’re new to podcasts and not sure when to listen, perhaps try during your commute to work, while you’re exercising, or while you clean your room. We hope you enjoy, and thank you for tuning in!

We are eager to find donors and sponsorship to ensure we can continue recording this podcast and sharing these stories. If you are able, please donate below to support this organization.

If you or someone you know might be interested in sponsorship opportunities or would like to suggest a guest, please e-mail us - Thank you!

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