3 ways to save your belly and your bank balance when you go out

When it comes to socializing, events, and treating yourself, it can feel like food is at the center of it all.

But, have you ever stopped to consider that “treating yourself” by indulging in an unhealthy meal out or a decadent sweet dessert is actually counter to your savings goals — be they calorie or wallet related?

Why don’t we switch our mindset to treating ourselves by treating ourselves WELL. Get out in the world and indulge, but in a conscious and smart way. You’ll feel better in the morning knowing you took care of your body, your bank account, and your belly. Say goodbye to bloat for the sake of celebration, to low account balances for the sake of socializing.

Peep the three tips below for some advice on the topic:



  1. when you head out to happy hour don’t be sucked into the fancy schmancy, sugar-filled, often overpriced cocktail menu — OR, live your life and have one jazzed up drink, get your Instagram photo, and then switch to your usual, low-carb, no sugar adult beverage (ahem, tequila + soda with a lime)

  2. sides > entrees — no, do NOT starve yourself to save a calorie or a buck, but something you can do to sample more things on a menu (plus save money!) is have a dinner made up of 2-4 side dishes! my favorite “meal” to get at a local cafe is a side of their insane sautéed mushrooms, a side of avocado, and a side of their miso cabbage slaw. it’s light, fresh, delicious, satisfying, and healthy! throw in a glass of tap water on ice and you’re set!

  3. plan ahead — if you know you’re going to have a big dinner out, don’t also indulge by going out during breakfast and/or lunch. eat something beautiful, yummy, and already-owned at home for all your pre-outing meals and snacks, munching until you’re satisfied on things already in your fridge and pantry. that way, you’re satisfied throughout your day and able to enjoy your big dinner sans an ounce of guilt.

Kala MacDonald