welcome to yoga to cope — an open letter and call-to-action from founder + president Kala MacDonald

hi there. this organization has been a long time coming. i always felt i wanted to help people, and that goal has taken form in many ways up to this point.

in college, i thought maybe i’d help people from via a clinical role, and so i pursued a degree in sonography for a short while. by graduation, that degree had instead become a B.S. in non-clinical care health sciences, and i used said degree to pursue full-time career nanny positions.

nannying was the BEST. i highly recommend it as a profession. i waitressed and worked in various hospitality positions through high school and college, and learned a lot in doing so, but nannying was the first job where I felt I was able to very clearly see the effect I was having on the families I worked with. i watched newborns grow into toddlers, sent toddlers off to school. I knew that the laundry, cooking, errands, playdates, bath times, and more were truly allowing parents to spend more time enjoying their home and family after a long day of work.

If you’ve tuned into the OG Yoga to Cope podcast episode, you know that I have lost both of my younger brothers, one to homicide and one to suicide. Losing them made my work as a nanny difficult, as I was grieving and began searching for a different path. Yoga was something I already practiced, but as I entered the grieving process each time, my practices became less for a workout and more for therapeutic benefit and stress relief, a reminder to breath, encouraged silence, a way to get out of the house, movement as an energetic and emotional outlet. I realized I was coping, I was getting through the days, and doing so in a healthy, positive way. I was somehow able to decide to live big in their honor, instead of small in their absence. I feel lucky to be able to say that I found my own way through these dark seasons of life, and my purpose became figuring out a way to share these practices with others to help them on their own coping journeys.

I was somehow able to decide to live big in their honor, instead of small in their absence.

Yoga to Cope feels like it has been an idea both years in the making and a bright burst of insight all at once. Entering the nonprofit sphere and sharing yoga, meditation, breath work, neuroscience, non-traditional wellness practices, and more simply made sense. It is a culmination of all my work, interests, and experience thus far.

As we continue to grow as an organization, please know that your support means everything and I hope you will continue to grow with us! You can support Yoga to Cope in many ways, including using the free, audio meditations offered on the website, subscribing to, listening to, rating, and reviewing the Yoga to Cope Podcast, sharing our mission and content with someone you think needs it in their lives, following us on our Instagram and Facebook profiles, and by donating, if you’re able.

As a nonprofit, sharing, educating, and transparency, are at our core. We are here for you. Your generosity helps us maintain Yoga to Cope by way of bookkeeping efforts, audio hosting fees, website costs, logo and branding costs, and so on. It does cost money to simply maintain where we are currently, so thank you for supporting us and keeping the lights on at YTC H.Q.!

As we continue to grow, your support and fundraising efforts will allow Yoga to Cope to expand into merchandise production, better quality podcasting through advanced sound engineering, editing, and equipment, video tutorials and content to support the guided audio meditations, in-person/live workshops and events, and so much more.

As of now Yoga to Cope operates on a completely volunteer basis. All of our board members and contributors generously donate their time, talent, ideas, and so on to our organization’s efforts. Time and talent are valuable things. I would love to eventually be able to employ and compensate those who contribute to Yoga to Cope, as they are valued and make Yoga to Cope what is is and all that it will be.

But first! You know the phrase “ask and ye shall receive”? Well, we are currently seeking submissions and assistance related to the following:

  • merchandise production and distribution

  • podcast audio engineering/editing/production

  • app development

  • relevant blog submissions

  • videography/video production and editing

  • sponsorship from relevant brands/companies in exchange for ad reads on the Yoga to Cope podcast
    (i.e. Talk Space, Insight Timer, Lululemon, etc.)

  • podcast guest ideas; who do you want to hear interviewed, be they non-traditional wellness professionals or storytellers with something to share related to the YTC mission?

To touch base regarding any of these items, please email us at yogatocope@gmail.com

Thank you for being here. Thank you for reading this. Thank you for listening and sharing and donating and supporting in a way that meets you where you are right now. Every follow on Instagram and Facebook keeps us connected. Every stream, every download, every dollar, every like, every share helps us reach the people we aim to reach, to share and educate and light up the people who need a lifeline, a resource. I am so happy you’re here, I am so happy Yoga to Cope is out in the world. I can’t wait to see what it becomes, all thanks to you.

Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.

Very warmly,

Kala MacDonald
Founder + President, Yoga to Cope, NPO

photography by Victoria Wall Harris

photography by Victoria Wall Harris