the #1 top-rated stress relief tool. wanna know what it is?

drumroll pease…

what if i told you the BEST tool for stress relief and gaining control over your nervous system is completely free, easy to use, and something you already have access to? what if i told you you’re already using this tool, even right this second?

well, you are. if you’re reading this i like to assume that means you’re alive, and if you’re alive, you’re breathing.

that’s right: it’s your breath.

your breath is hands down your greatest tool to quickly access deep relaxation, create calm amidst chaos, even help get yourself to sleep.

here’s the thing about the myriad of useful breath techniques that are out there; they come in clutch when you feel a panic attack coming on, when you’re having trouble sleeping, before a big meeting or presentation, during an argument with a loved one, etc. the thing is, you have to have these tools in your toolbox BEFORE you need to use them, not in the middle of the storm.

visit the Downloads page of our website today to learn some simple, accessible breath tools that you can begin learning, deepening, and using today! all of our content offerings are completely free and downloadable, so you can take them with you everywhere you go. there are multiple, beginner-friendly breath techniques you can access, and clips range from 1 - 16 minutes in length, meaning no matter who you are, how busy you are, or what’s going on in your day today, there is something for you here at Yoga to Cope.